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  • Adagio and Fugue
    $45.00 Choose Options Adagio and Fugue
    This Adagio and Fugue features a fequently observed fact that music often transcends national and cultural boundaries and finds its own common ground in time. Corelli (Italian) and Marchand (French), both composers of the...
    Adagio and Fugue
  • Adagio Et Allegretto (Woodwind Choir)
    $35.00 Choose Options Adagio Et Allegretto (Woodwind Choir)
    Composer: Patrick Dunnigan Grade Level: 4 TRN CD Number: 40 Time: : View Score PDF Adagio Et Allegretto (First Movement from Petite Symphonie) by Gounod / arranged by Patrick Dunnigan. Petite Symphonie was composed...
    Adagio Et Allegretto (Woodwind Choir)
  • Adelphia
    $55.00 Choose Options Adelphia
    About the music – Adelphia is dedicated to the memory of Dr. W. Francis McBeth, longtime friend and mentor of the composer. In genuine McBeth style Adelphia is built on a simple motive upon which the rest of the piece...
  • Adios Amigos
    $60.00 Choose Options Adios Amigos
    As this will be my last composition, I wish to express my thanks to the Wiley family of TRN for publishing so many of my works; to Cathy Carver, editor and engraver “extraordinaire” for her error free scores, and to all of...
    Adios Amigos
  • Adventures of Kid Cam, The Rocketman!, The
    $75.00 Choose Options Adventures of Kid Cam, The Rocketman!, The
    Part of my life’s journey as a composer has included the “Children’s Dances,” and now, in the past several years, it has become rather necessary that I move on to the next generation. In 2005, I wrote...
    Adventures of Kid Cam, The Rocketman!, The
  • Afterglow: Light Still Shining
    $95.00 Choose Options Afterglow: Light Still Shining
    Afterglow: Light Still Shining was written in memory of Robert Grab, a wonderful trumpeter, teacher and friend of mine who died long before his time at the age of 43. “Afterglow” is defined as “the light that remains after a...
    Afterglow: Light Still Shining
  • Air for Band
    $45.00 Choose Options Air for Band
    Composer: Lawrence Weiner Grade Level: 2.5 TRN CD Number: 46 Time: 4:57...
    Air for Band
  • Air Force March
    $50.00 Choose Options Air Force March
    In May of 1990, the Band of the United States Air Forces in Europe was invited to perform in the town square of Plzen, Czechoslovakia (later The Czech Republic) to help celebrate the May 6th anniversary of the liberation of...
    Air Force March
  • Air Force One
    $50.00 Choose Options Air Force One
    Since FDR, customized aircraft has established itself as an integral tool of the presidential office, accommodating any situation from serving as a venue for meetings with world leaders to providing an exclusive haven where...
    Air Force One
  • Air from Ancient Ireland
    $60.00 Choose Options Air from Ancient Ireland
    “Air From Ancient Ireland” is a setting for symphonic band of an Irish melody now known as ‘St. Columba.’ The melody is often heard in the hymn ‘The King of Love My Shepherd Is.’ The...
    Air from Ancient Ireland
  • Airport Road
    $50.00 Choose Options Airport Road
    Composer: Lennie Niehaus Grade Level: 3 TRN CD Number: NR Time: :...
    Airport Road
  • Aldergate March
    $45.00 Choose Options Aldergate March
    A fine march. Easy ranges. Eighth, quarter, and half notes all combined and beautiful little melodies, counter-melodies, and harmonies. Excellent voicing for a solid sound. Composer: Ralph and Jack Hale Grade Level: 1 TRN...
    Aldergate March

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