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He's Gone Away

Stuart P. O'Neil
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$8.00 - $55.00
2.00 LBS


This arrangement of He’s Gone Away is very straightforward. The folk melody is beautiful with a melancholy quality, and I have attempted to create an elegant and restrained setting. While various solo instruments and sections are featured, there is a great deal of doubled scoring throughout the piece, allowing for successful performances by ensembles of varying sizes. Younger groups may appreciate this arrangement for its relative simplicity and songlike qualities. However, the piece is appropriate for more experienced ensembles as well, providing a vehicle for the continued development and demonstration of tone, balance, blend, intonation, and musicianship. The musical challenges of this arrangement should not be underestimated.

  • Composer: Stuart P. O'Neil
  • 2.5
  • 57
  • 2:40
  • hes-gone-away.mp3


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