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Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

Dennis Eveland
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
3.00 LBS

Pirates, Pirates, Pirates was composed to describe the everyday life of a pirate. Movement I is entitled “Celebration on Ye Ship.” In this movement, we have to imagine that our pirate has just finished raiding another ship and taking back all of the treasure. Imagine the pirates as they are drinking, dancing and celebrating this victory. You can even imagine the pirates dancing a jig.

Movement II is “Resting with Me Treasure.” After enjoying a great celebration, our pirate is tired and decides to take a much deserved nap. During this nap, we can imagine the sound of the waves, birds flying overhead, and a gentle breeze as our pirate is asleep on his hammock.

The concluding movement is entitled “A Pirates’ Celebration.” Our pirate has awakened from his nap and is ready to celebrate with fellow pirates of their victory. We can imagine the pirates dancing, singing, drinking and having the time of their lives.



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