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Ispirato da Vivaldi

Tim Shackelton
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
2.00 LBS


As a composer and devoted fan of the music of Antonio Vivaldi, I was truly inspired to create a musical composition that represents a vicarious snapshot of the life and musical style of a great Baroque musician.

The opening ‘Andante’ section in ‘a minor’ creates a sadness that I believe was a part of Vivaldi’s life as he searched for his place of prominence in the world of Baroque music. He must have knowingly labored in the shadows of Bach, Handel and Scarlatti.

The ‘Spirited’ section at measure 21 represents the driving but delicate intensity of Vivaldi’s musical style that has always been such a joy to listen to.

In the third section measure 54, the solo trumpet represents a more modern interpretation of Vivaldi’s music as he accepts his role, never knowing the actual great importance of that role, in the world of Baroque music.

The final ‘Spirited’ Section at measure 93 once more returns to the bold, driving , but delicate intensity that has made Vivaldi’s music so popular for such a long time. Please enjoy Ispirato da Vivaldi.



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