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Acorn Scandal, The

David M. Sterrett
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$12.00 - $85.00
3.00 LBS


Squirrels. What is it about squirrels that seems so humorous? There is a certain quirkiness about squirrels,
shown by their rigid, lighting-fast, and unpredictable movements. They have a sort of militaristic personality as well.
Like small, furry, four-legged soldiers, they are alert, always on the move, and always prepared to react if startled.

Squirrels can also look quite suspicious at times, as though they are plotting something – secretly formulating
a scandalous revenge against us humans, who savagely crush their acorns and get in their way. Does that curious look
not seem as though they are spying? They could be tricking us into thinking they are innocent as they sit on their hind
legs in the grass, mindlessly nibbling an acorn…while instead, carefully watching our every move.

But just as soon as our suspicions rise, they dash off, running through fields and climbing up trees, minding
their own business…until the next human comes along.
– David M. Sterrett



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