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Diamond Jubilee

Jeremy Doss
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$10.00 - $50.00
2.00 LBS


"Diamond Jubilee" is an exciting overture that features the woodwind section, the brass section, and the percussion section. The piece should reflect the precision cut and shiny quality of a diamond.

The 8-bar introduction builds to an overture-like theme in the brass. The woodwinds get their chance to shine, playing the main theme starting in measure 17. A flowing, contrasting theme begins in measure 25 with the woodwinds and allows the euphonium section to shine. Measures 37-41 build to the return of the main theme scored for full band. The percussion section has its own feature beginning in measure 57 with the wind instruments gradually added back in measures 61-65. The piece then returns to the main theme scored for full band and ends with a big four-measure coda. A perfect addition to any concert, "Diamond Jubilee" would serve the role of opening overture or finale quite well.



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