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Monterey Hills

Lennie Niehaus
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
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A potpouri of musical material should pique the interest of the members of the orchestra as well as the audience. A sprightly introduction leads into the first section in m. 9. A playful melody is played by violins while the other strings play a pizzacato accompaniment. This starts in D major and at m. 17 it goes into the relative minor (B minor) with the low strings playing the melody, building up to the higher strings and working its way back to D major repeating the material from m. 9 through m. 16 with slight variations. M 33 changes key (to G minor), and in the same tempo a more dignified section is heard where notes are elongated to give the feeling of it being slower and less playful. M 51 returns to the playful material and a transitional section is heard from m. 59 through m. 66. At m. 67, a new feeling is introduced in 3/4 as opposed to 2/4 and 4/4 in the previous sections. M. 67 through m. 74 is a transitional section leading into a solo violin in C major accompanied by the other strings.

A surprise section is then heard starting at m. 85 where eighth note triplets are used. It gives the feeling of water rippling in a stream and is a great change of pace from the previous material. The solo violin melody heard before is now played by tutti strings with fuller voicing and slightly louder at m. 107 (back to D major). There is a recapitulation back to the material starting in m. 9. This goes on until m. 161 where coda-like material is heard and containing accented quarter notes (full lenghth) in m. 169 and finally a rallentando in m. 171 played with great deliberation.

  • Composer: Lennie Niehaus
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