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  • Balancing Act
    $70.00 Choose Options Balancing Act
    The idea to compose this piece came from the composer’s observations of his grand daughter, Julia, as she progressed from crawling to taking her first steps. The initial stage of balancing on all four limbs; then...
    Balancing Act
  • Ballet Exaltare
    $120.00 Choose Options Ballet Exaltare
    Although of similar scope as BALLET SACRA, this new composition, BALLET EXALTARE does not serve as a companion piece to the first. It has been conceived, nearly a decade later, independently, as a single movement work for...
    Ballet Exaltare
  • Ballet Sacra
    $120.00 Choose Options Ballet Sacra
    Ballet Sacra is intended as a concert piece based on universally known texts utilized in not only the Roman Catholic Mass, but also the Anglican Mass, the Lutheran Service, and the Methodist Communion Service. Although...
    Ballet Sacra
  • Band CD 1
    $5.00 Band CD 1
    Allegro Molto - by Mozart / James Thorton Antonito pasodoble - by Charles A. Wiley Domingo Ortega pasodoble - by Ledesma/Oropesa/Charles A. Wiley Symphony #3, Finale(Organ) - by St. Saens/Earl Slocum Nederlandsche...
    Band CD 1
  • Band CD 10
    $5.00 Band CD 10
    Symphony for Winds & Percussion by Joseph Downing Movement I - Dancing Day (grade 4, Time 6:20) Symphony for Winds & Percussion by Joseph Downing Movement II - Graphic Rondo (grade 5, Time 6:22) Symphony for Winds...
    Band CD 10
  • Band CD 11
    $5.00 Band CD 11
    American Voices - by Gary White (ABA/OSTWALD Runner-up) Festal Scenes - by Yasuhide Ito On Ancient Hymns & Festal Dances - by David Holsinger Synergistic Parable - by David Sartor (ABA/OSTWALD Winner) Three...
    Band CD 11
  • Band CD 12
    $5.00 Band CD 12
    (Young Band) Bah-Dah - by Paul M. Stouffer Bandelier Overture - by Ralph & Jack Hale Castlewood March - by Ralph & Jack Hale Chatham Overture - by Ralph & Jack Hale Crown Point March - by Ralph & Jack...
    Band CD 12
  • Band CD 13
    $5.00 Band CD 13
    Derby Day - by Hugh M. Stuart Flag of Victory March - by von Blon/Harold Gore Immer Fesch Marsch - by Eilenberg/Bob Watson Nilesdance - by David Holsinger Officer Candidate March - by Carl Teike/Bob Watson Peace of...
    Band CD 13
  • Band CD 14
    $5.00 Band CD 14
    Chorale & Celebration - by Don Schaeffer Die Wachtparade Marsch - by H.L. Blankenburg/Bob Watson Elegy - by Mark Camphouse Fort Canterbury March - by David Holsinger The Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron - by David...
    Band CD 14
  • Band CD 15
    $5.00 Band CD 15
    Ballet Sacra - by David R. Holsinger Fire Works - by Gregory Youtz Gallito - pasodoble - ed. by Roy Weger Prism - by Charles Carter Requiem - by Quincy Hilliard Thunder & Lightning Polka - by J. Strauss/Milburn E...
    Band CD 15
  • Band CD 16
    $5.00 Band CD 16
    Bishop's Gate - by Ralph & Jack Hale Capriccio Italien - by Tchaikovsky/Merle Isaac The Case of the Mysterious Stranger - by David Holsinger Christmas Delight - by Don Schaeffer Chorale & March - by Hugh M...
    Band CD 16
  • Band CD 17a
    $5.00 Band CD 17a
    To Tame the Perilous Skies - by David Holsinger Cousins - by Clarke/Ray Cramer The Legend of Alcobaca - by James Sochinski On an American Spiritual - by David Holsinger Flying Eagle March - by Blankenburg/Bob Watson ...
    Band CD 17a

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