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Quest of the Knights

Fred J. Allen
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
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Quest of the Knights was composed on a commission from the Carroll Middle School Bands in Southlake, Texas. Students from the 7th grade Wind Ensemble provided input for the elements of "their" piece. Results from a questionnaire given to the students defined the three main pitches of the themes, C, G and B-flat. The students also indicated they wanted snare drum, timpani and drum set to have prominent parts. Further input from them requested that the mood of the piece be exciting. The title refers to the mascot of Carroll Middle School, the Knights, and depicts their quest of the excitement that music brings. The dedication is to the band that helped "create" the piece and their director, Jim Boulet. The drum set part can be played on the concert snare, bass drum and cymbals, but its inclusion will allow bands with an interested set drummer an exciting showcase. The style is "lifted" throughout, except where slurred.

  • Composer: Fred J. Allen
  • 2
  • 32
  • 3:28
  • questoftheknights.mp3


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