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On the Move

Darrington E. White
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$10.00 - $55.00
1.25 LBS


On The Move was originally written as a quick-step march for the W.F. George Middle School Band to use for teaching marching fundamentals. W.F. George Middle School is located in Iowa Park, TX and Elizabeth Wetherbee is the band director.

This concert version of On The Move is designed to introduce beginners or young players to march style. Conductors should use the same style of articulation that is typically used with traditional or quick-step marches.

This march can be easily performed by bands with limited instrumentation. All that is needed for a bass line is a single bass clarinet, baritone saxophone or tuba. The march should be performed at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 138 however, the conductor may want to experiment with slightly faster tempos if desired.



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