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  • Allegro Molto
    $50.00 Choose Options Allegro Molto
    In 1776, the year associated with America's struggle for independence, Mozart was twenty years old and was in his third year of tenure in Salzburg. He had spent the year first in refining his "courtly" style, then devoted a...
    Allegro Molto
  • Alpha Patrol March
    $60.00 Choose Options Alpha Patrol March
    Alpha Patrol March is an original march for young concert band, which has two main thematic ideas. The first theme should begin softly and mysteriously, as if the band is up to something ‘sneaky’. A variation on this first...
    Alpha Patrol March
  • Alte Kameraden Marsch (Old Comrades)
    $65.00 Choose Options Alte Kameraden Marsch (Old Comrades)
    Composer: Carl Teike edited by Charles A. Wiley Grade Level: 5 TRN CD Number: 33 Time: 5:15...
    Alte Kameraden Marsch (Old Comrades)
  • Amazing Grace
    $55.00 Choose Options Amazing Grace
    The words for the song Amazing Grace, set to a melody by Thomas A. Arne, were written by John Newton and first published in England in 1779 in a volumn entitled Olney Hymns. When the song was brought to the United States,...
    Amazing Grace
  • American Faces
    $95.00 Choose Options American Faces
    American Faces was commissioned by Scott McCormick and Bands of America for the 1995 Bands of America National Honor Band. It will be premiered at the National Concert Band Festival in the spring of 1995 and released by TRN...
    American Faces
  • American Landmarks
    $45.00 Choose Options American Landmarks
    This delightful three-movement work for first year students lies totally within a five-note range and is based on three enduring national legacies. Mount Rushmore - bold and majestic Central Park, New York - calm and...
    American Landmarks
  • American Spirit
    $60.00 Choose Options American Spirit
    Composed for and dedicated to theTexas A & M University-Kingsville Symphonic Band, Mr. Bryan Herring, Conductor. Composer: Dennis O. Eveland Grade Level: 4 TRN CD Number: 41 Time: 2:51 View Score PDF...
    American Spirit
  • American Voices
    $65.00 Choose Options American Voices
    American Voices celebrates an important part of our cultural heritage: the songs our grandparents sang. These singers and their songs were preserved on recordings made by a number of collectors including: John and Alan...
    American Voices
  • American West
    $55.00 Choose Options American West
    Composer: Tim Shackelton Grade Level: 3 Features: Comments: Full Orchestra TRN CD Number: 5 Time: 4:50 View Score...
    American West
  • Amor de mi alma
    $80.00 Choose Options Amor de mi alma
    DEDICATION In the fall of 2009, I had the honor to study conducting, orchestration, and arranging under Takayoshi ‘Tad’ Suzuki - principal conductor of the TAD Wind Symphony (Japan) – when he was a member...
    Amor de mi alma
  • An American Tattoo
    $50.00 Choose Options An American Tattoo
    An American Tattoo was completed in February, 1993. Its basic idea is conceived from the origianl British tattoo, which is a sounding of the "post" for soldiers to report to their barracks in the evening. After the first...
    An American Tattoo
  • And My Spirit Lives On
    $50.00 Choose Options And My Spirit Lives On
    And My Spirit Lives On was commissioned by Mr. Carroll Rhodes and the 2001-2002 Tahoka (TX) High School “3D” Band. It was written “in celebration of the life of Meg Flynn,” a student of the THS Band. It is a fresh,...
    And My Spirit Lives On

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