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Satiricon Suite

Bogdan Trotsuk
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$15.00 - $120.00
4.00 LBS


The "Satiricon" was composed in 1981 and since then has been performed many times in Russia and outside of Russia. This is a small intrumental cycle, aping popular music forms - March, Tango, and waltz. The music of the suite whimsically interlaces irony and bravado, pomposity and exaltation, light-mindedness and primness: all in all it contains a wide range of feelings vested in dance customs. Although these are purely dance pieces, it is desirable, as the orchestra admits, that the conductor, musicians and listeners would in each case give vent to their imagination and accompany the music with choreographic designs. This, no doubt, would help them understand and enjoy the music.

  • Composer: Bogdan Trotsuk
  • 6
  • 23
  • 7:50
  • satiriconsuite1.mp3,satiriconsuite2.mp3,satiriconsuite3.mp3


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