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Down at Skeleton Cove

Richard D. Brasco
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
2.25 LBS


About the Music:

Imagine that you are walking in the deep woods when suddenly you see a flickering flame through the trees. You are curious, so you walk towards the flame. When you arrive at the edge of the wood, you see a cove with a huge bonfire on the beach. Suddenly there is movement in the water, and a band of skeletons emerge onto the beach. They begin to dance around the fire, their movements growing and growing until suddenly they are in a frenzy. They dance wildly around the fire and when they have finished, they slowly return to the water. You continue to watch thinking that you have not been seen when the last skeleton turns, looks directly into your eyes, waves and silently returns beneath the water in the cove.

Rehearsal notes:

Fermatas in the introduction can be sustained as long was you wish for special effect. Percussionist may use sticks on the rims of the instruments at the first fermatas to double the effect of the ratchet simulating the clacking of the skeleton bones. After the first fermata and pause, the number of players may be reduced to two on a part to free other players for popping bubble wrap and snapping fingers to simulate the crackling fire at the second fermata. In the finale at letter “I”, extra mallet players can be used to double the mallet parts creating a more “frenzied” effect.

.......... I hope you will enjoy playing DOWN AT SKELETON COVE.


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