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Owens, William

William Owens (b. 1963) is a native of Gary, Indiana. His career as a music educator spans over twenty years, and he is very active as a composer, clinician and conductor throughout the United States.

Since 1993, Owens has written over sixty commissioned and published works for middle school and high school concert bands. His music is programmed at prestigious venues, such as the Mid-West International Band and Orchestra Clinic, and appears on required music lists both nationally and abroad. Principal commissions include those from the California Band Directors Association, the Florida Bandmasters Association, the Chicago Public Schools Bureau of Cultural Arts, and the Texas University Interscholastic League. He is the winner of the ASCA Plus award and a two-time recipient of the Forrest L. Buchtel Citation for Excellence in Band Composition. Professional memberships include ASCAP, the American Composers Forum (ACF), The Mansfield (TX) Wind Symphony, and the Texas MEA. William resides in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Georgia.

Visit Willie at http://www.williamowens.net/

  • 3-D Galop, The (March)
    $55.00 Choose Options 3-D Galop, The (March)
    About the Music The "3-D" Galop is dedicated to the students of the Tahoka, TX High School "3-D" band and was commissioned by their band director, Mr. Carroll Rhodes. Quite interestingly, the band's alliterative...
    3-D Galop, The (March)
  • Air Force One
    $50.00 Choose Options Air Force One
    Since FDR, customized aircraft has established itself as an integral tool of the presidential office, accommodating any situation from serving as a venue for meetings with world leaders to providing an exclusive haven where...
    Air Force One
  • American Landmarks
    $45.00 Choose Options American Landmarks
    This delightful three-movement work for first year students lies totally within a five-note range and is based on three enduring national legacies. Mount Rushmore - bold and majestic Central Park, New York - calm and...
    American Landmarks
  • And My Spirit Lives On
    $50.00 Choose Options And My Spirit Lives On
    And My Spirit Lives On was commissioned by Mr. Carroll Rhodes and the 2001-2002 Tahoka (TX) High School “3D” Band. It was written “in celebration of the life of Meg Flynn,” a student of the THS Band. It is a fresh,...
    And My Spirit Lives On
  • Anthem for a Centennial
    $50.00 Choose Options Anthem for a Centennial
    Anthem for a Centennial was written for and dedicated to the Independent School District at Everman, Texas in honor of its 100th anniversary celebration. Based on the well-known Finnish national hymn "Finlandia," this piece...
    Anthem for a Centennial
  • Apollo Suite
    $55.00 Choose Options Apollo Suite
    Apollo Suite is a three-movement work written for advancing young bands. It paints a vivid picture of the many challenges, hazards and triumphs of space exploration, and is respectfully dedicated to all the astronauts of the...
    Apollo Suite
  • Blue Orchid, The
    $55.00 Choose Options Blue Orchid, The
    Dark and sultry, The Blue Orchid is a work based on the wonderfully torrid Latin American ballroom dance. With its rich melodic flow and warm harmonies, it ends as mysteriously as it begins. Although conceived for younger...
    Blue Orchid, The
  • Blue Sky (March)
    $45.00 Choose Options Blue Sky (March)
    Blue Sky is a delightful concert march set in 6/8 time and can be effectively performed by young or developing bands. It opens with a fanfare-like statement from the trumpet section and showcases the low brass in the second...
    Blue Sky (March)
  • Captain Dane March
    $45.00 Choose Options Captain Dane March
    Composer: William Owens Grade Level: 1.5 TRN CD Number: 38 Time: 1:15 View Score PDF...
    Captain Dane March
  • Capture The Moment (March)
    $50.00 Choose Options Capture The Moment (March)
    Capture the Moment, an exciting grade 1 march, will be a sure winner for your next performance. It boasts a strong melodic concentration and is energetic from beginning to end. Students and audiences alike will really like...
    Capture The Moment (March)
  • Cha Cha Ching
    $55.00 Choose Options Cha Cha Ching
    The Cha-Cha, originally known as the Cha-Cha-Cha, became popular about 1954. An offshoot of the Mambo, the Cha-Cha took a slower tempo and had its own distinct style. This setting for concert band is in the style of the...
    Cha Cha Ching
  • Chicacongee, A Native American Song
    $45.00 Choose Options Chicacongee, A Native American Song
    Composer: William Owens Grade Level: 1 TRN CD Number: 38 Time: 2:10 View Score PDF...
    Chicacongee, A Native American Song

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