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Whirlwinds March

Waymon Bullock
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
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"Whirlwinds" was written in the spring of 2005 and is dedicated to the "Lumberjack Band" of Stephen F. Austin State University and its director, Mr. Fred J. Allen. It was premiered in June of that year by the faculty band at the annual Stephen F. Austin University Summer Band Camp and was used as a showcase feature during the Wind Ensembles' 2006 Spring Tour and their annual Spring Concert. Mr. Bullock's thorough knowledge and appreciation of the march can be seen in the structure of "The Whirlwinds." An energetic introduction leads into a first strain full of counterpoint from the tenor voices and the bass line. The first hint of the title comes near the end of the first strain, where a "whirlwind" figure in the upper voices ends the phrase. Similar lines are prominant in the upper woodwind voices of the second strain, dancing like Texas "Dust Devils" over the dominant low brass lead. The march, in band keys of Eb and Ab, is in standard march form but has one unusual feature in the trio: a double break strain. Though the material in the two break strains is similar, contrast is achieved by varying the orchestration. The first break strain leads into the second presentation of the trio melody, ornamented with a flowing euphonium counter melody line. The second break strain incorporates a quick key change, back to the original key of Eb, for the final grandioso. The march concludes with a staunchly powerful brass melodic line lead, replete with more "whirling lines" from the upper woodwinds.



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