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Tolar March

Darrington E. White
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$8.00 - $45.00
1.00 LBS


Tolar March is dedicated to Tolar High School which is located in Tolar, Texas. Tolar is a small rural community located in North Central Texas in Hood County. The high school is well known for its high academic standards and achievements in many school activities.

The march should be performed in a bright upbeat style. Throughout the march, care must be given to balance the 2nd clarinet, 2nd trumpet and other inner voices to the melody in order to have the most effective performance possible. At measure 27, the conductor may wish to reduce the number of players on the staccato eighth note accompaniment parts if the low brass melody cannot be heard clearly.

  • Composer: Darrington E. White
  • 2
  • 55
  • 1:23
  • tolarmarch.mp3


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