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Sphinx, The

Gary P. Gilroy
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
Grade Level
2.00 LBS

The Sphinx is an exciting concert opener for intermediate concert band that offers extensive percussion writing for younger players. The work is inspired by the following: What begins life with four legs, then two and finally three? The answer - humans. As babies we crawl on four “legs” and then learn to walk on two. The idea is that humans often end their existence on earth walking with a cane, thus three “legs” at the end of our lives. This work uses a rhythmic motive that is made up of series of eighth notes in patterns of four, two and finally three. After a mysterious opening with some unusual percussive effects, the 4-2-3 motive is heard throughout the work in both eighth notes and quarter notes. The minor mode is overtaken only in the final measures as the work comes to a climactic finish.

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