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Forged by the Sea

Brian Sadler
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
3.00 LBS


Forged by the Sea, which is also the US Navy’s tagline, was composed in 2019 for the US Naval Forces Europe Band. This heroic piece with a strong main theme exemplifies the journey of a Sailor and the challenges they face in order to grow as a person, warfighter, and American.

After opening with a brief statement of the main theme, a rhythmic motif builds throughout the ensemble before bursting forth into the main theme, first played by the trumpets and french horns. Rhythmic jabs by the rest of the band break up the long notes of the theme before everyone joins together for the chords of the last three measures of the phrase. The key raises from A minor to C minor and the low brass takes over the melody while ostinato woodwinds float above. The next section changes to a march-like feel with a new melody presented by the woodwinds. The band builds to another key change (back to the original key) and the main theme returns with more developed chords before decrescendoing into a slower tempo. The final phase of the piece passes the motif of the main theme around while building and retarding into the last chord. Meant to be a concert opener or encore, Forged by the Sea is only 1 minute and 40 seconds and will leave a lasting impression on your audience and musicians.


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