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March of the Combat Patrol

David R. Holsinger
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$8.00 - $55.00
2.00 LBS


Camouflage paint expertly dabbed on their faces, combat accessories in place, our two young heroes lie low in the staging area, each knowing what they must do in the approaching moments . . . Yesterday was rough. It rained. But having endured the 12-hour John Wayne War Movie Marathon on TV, our young soldiers prepare to enter battle against all odds. Low-crawling across shell-scared, barbwire-entangled "No Man's Land" (Mr. Cain's pasture), they spy their objective, the enemy bunker (Chuck's horse trailer). ## This is a 6/8 march, 120 bars long, in the Key of F minor. Ranges are comfortable. Besides being fun to play, it is educationally excellent in that it gives the students good practice in reading accidentals -- quite a few of them! And excellent training in 6/8.



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