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Gospel Echoes

Fred J. Allen
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$10.00 - $60.00
1.00 LBS


Churches of all denominations thrive in the Bible Belt, and the singing associated with worship and old-fashioned tent revivals is familiar to the residents of East Texas. It is not uncommon to find people in this region who still read the “shape notes” used to teach singing in the 19th century schools and churches. Songs in this genre are melodic and heartfelt, and frequently they have moving parts in the alto and tenor lines at the cadences: this composition has these features. This piece was commissioned by the Carlisle High School Band from Price, Texas. It was premiered in their performance as the 2002 Class A Honor Band for the convention of the Texas Music Educators Association. Legato style should predominate in this piece, though the dotted rhythms must be accurate. Conductors should feel free to add rubato where appropriate.

  • Composer: Fred J. Allen
  • 2.5
  • 46
  • 4:11
  • This is an original hymn
  • gospelechoes.mp3


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