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Allen, Fred J.

Fred J. Allen is Director of Bands at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. In addition to his responsibilities with the band, he teaches conducting and music education classes. Prior to his current position, Allen taught at Abilene Christian University and for eleven years in public schools. His areas of specialization include literature for bands and intonation of the wind instruments. TRN has published pieces for band by Fred J. Allen which draw upon his experience As a public school teacher. He attempts to present opportunities for expressive playing within the range and rhythm constriction necessary for young instrumentalists. Allen is a member of College Band Directors National Association, Texas Music Educators Association, and Phi Beta Mu honorary bandmasters fraternity.

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  • Bosnian Folk Songs
    $65.00 Choose Options Bosnian Folk Songs
    Composer: Fred J. Allen Grade Level: 2.5 TRN CD Number: 30 Time: 5:12 View Score...
    Bosnian Folk Songs
  • Bosnian Folk Songs - Full Orchestra
    $55.00 Choose Options Bosnian Folk Songs - Full Orchestra
    When Hungarian composer Bela Bartok (1881-1945) collected the folk music of Yugoslavia in the early part of this century, he noted the ethnic origin of each tune. This is fortunate for us, because now Yugoslavia has been...
    Bosnian Folk Songs - Full Orchestra
  • Brazos Apparitions
    $75.00 Choose Options Brazos Apparitions
    Composer: Fred J. Allen Grade Level: 3.5 TRN CD Number: Not yet available on cd Time: -:-- View Score...
    Brazos Apparitions
  • Celebration Hymn
    $60.00 Choose Options Celebration Hymn
    There are three strong elements to this piece. The first is the quote of the first six notes of the third phrase of "Bluebells of Scotland," a favorite of Mr, Sam Watson. The second is the sound of bells in the percussion...
    Celebration Hymn
  • Chorale Prelude: Abide with Me
    $60.00 Choose Options Chorale Prelude: Abide with Me
    Commissioned by the Louisiana College / Central Louisiana Symphonic Band, Dr. A. D. "Buddy" Himes, Director and is dedicated to Dixie Sylvest Moss. Composers have always used the chorale preludes of Johann Sebastian Bach...
    Chorale Prelude: Abide with Me
  • Exhilaration
    $65.00 Choose Options Exhilaration
    Overflowing joy, abundant cheerfulness: these are feelings a musician has upon winning spot in an All-State Band! In fact, any time a player reaches a musical goal, there is a feeling of accomplishment coupled with happiness...
  • Fairest Lord Jesus
    $75.00 Choose Options Fairest Lord Jesus
    The original tune for this hymn was an ancient Silesian folk song. The familiar set of lyrics “Fairest Lord Jesus” date back to as early as 1607 and were likely written by German Jesuits. Though often called...
    Fairest Lord Jesus
  • Fantasy on Barbara Allen
    $65.00 Choose Options Fantasy on Barbara Allen
    There are more than 100 variants of the folk song known as "Barbara Allen ("Barb'ry Ellen"). Most of them fall into two main groups, one diatonic and the other modal. This piece is based on two versions representing the two...
    Fantasy on Barbara Allen
  • Gospel Echoes
    $60.00 Choose Options Gospel Echoes
    Churches of all denominations thrive in the Bible Belt, and the singing associated with worship and old-fashioned tent revivals is familiar to the residents of East Texas. It is not uncommon to find people in this region who...
    Gospel Echoes
  • Just a Closer Walk with Thee
    $60.00 Choose Options Just a Closer Walk with Thee
    This hymn is well-known throughout America, though its composer and origin are unknown. It gained notoriety in the 1930’s as African-American churches met for large singing conventions. It is also a staple of the famous jazz...
    Just a Closer Walk with Thee
  • Martyr, The
    $50.00 Choose Options Martyr, The
    The Martyr was commissioned by the Northwest Academy Concert Band in Houston, Texas, Mr. Pat Crofton, Director. The first performance took place February 9, 1996. It is a setting of the hymn tune "Salvation" and is often...
    Martyr, The
  • Moravian Hymn Dance
    $75.00 Choose Options Moravian Hymn Dance
    The Moravian hymn "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" is the basis for this piece. This beautiful dorian melody is heard most clearly in the trumpet and saxophone solos between measures 61 and 75. Figures in the opening and...
    Moravian Hymn Dance

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