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Jason Jacobs
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
2.00 LBS


About the music

Concert Notes:

Shhhhhhhh…..scary things are all around. Ghosts and goblins arise. The coyote howls atop the hill and above, bats circle high. Quiet I must be. Slow and cautious. If I can just knock on a few more doors… Ill be eating sweets ‘till I'm nauseous. Scary things all around yet even so, I may just make it… if I tiptoe.

Rehearsal notes:

This piece is built around the C harmonic and melodic minor scale. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce these scales to your students. Pay close attention the the accidentals (or lack there of) on the concert B/Bb and A/Ab. Play lightly, just like you are tiptoeing through the music. Staccatos are light, not short, like a timpani or plucked string. There will be a lot of empty space between the notes and the tendency will be to rush.


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