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Quincy Hilliard
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
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2.25 LBS


About the music:

About the Commission:

Primo was commissioned by and dedicated to the White Station High School Class of 2012, Memphis, Tennessee, Charles A. Wright, Director. It should be noted that Quincy Hilliard was band director at White Station High School from 1977-79.

About the Dedication:

This piece is dedicated to the Class of 2012. We entered together, not knowing what was in store. We grew from 86 to over 200 in one year. I have watched you mature, both on your instruments and as individuals. I know one thing for sure – I will always remember the Class of 2012. I want to wish you all the best in whatever you do. Always love music. Much love, CW.

About the Performance:

Primo is an excited work that has elements of a Jazz/Rock flavor. The opening measures should be played in a spirited manner quickly moving to a bold and majestic style at 10. The clarinet solo should be played with the phrase marking as indicated. Measure 28 starts the allegro section of the piece. The ostinato is the main driving force behind the allegro section. The ostinato should be played in a short marcato style constantly driving the tempo. Careful consideration must be given to the articulations of the other instruments as they enter though out this section. Many jazz element and effects are exhibited and should be played in a bold and aggressive manner. At 49, the french horn parts must be brought out. At measure 100, the andante should be played in a very expressive manner to contrast the allegro section. Measure 125, marks the return of the allegro section with the same style as before. At measure 149, make sure that the chromatic lines are not covered.



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