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Monte Vista Overture

Larry Howeth
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
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Monte Vista is a festive overture with themes based primarily on the mixolydian scale and organized around various short melodic and rhythmic motives. The main themes grow from these melodic fragments, and the various combinations are passed to different parts of the band as solos or sectional work. The introduction presents most of the thematic and rhythmic motives. The first theme is fanfare in style and is introduced by unison cornets in measure 13. Take care that the cornet (trumpet) part does not become too overpowering. Please remember that eighth note equals eighth note from measure to measure. Clarinets introduce the second theme at measure 49. Watch that the tempo does not slow during this softer more legato section. The first theme reappears at measure 68, played by the full band and leading to a short transition to a slower, softer theme at measure 86. Play expressively but don’t allow the music to drag (or rush!). Keep the energy level up. Trombones are marked one to a part here, but use more if needed to fill out the sound. Measure 120 begins an allegro section. The different melodic and rhythmic fragments are combined and passed from section to section. The first legato theme reappears, followed by the second legato theme with rhythmic woodwinds above. The overture ends with theme fragments in various sections and a rhythmic closing by the percussion.

  • Composer: Larry W. Howeth
  • 3
  • 43
  • 4:56
  • montevistaoverture.mp3


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