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Helm Toccata

David R. Holsinger
TRN Music Publisher, Inc.
$10.00 - $80.00
3.00 LBS


Quoting Holsinger, "I was delighted when Malcolm Helm called to ask if I would write a new work for his band." He had a fine group, which four trips to the Mid-West Clinic in Chicago would indicate. Almost immediately I had a piece in mind for his band - - - a prelude and toccata, reminiscent of the late 19th century organ form, but with that pounding "early Stravinskien" flavor I find personally appealing. But how can you put another "Prelude and Toccata" on the shelf. So, from the beginning, I referred to the work as the Helm Toccata. I could think of only one person who might possibly object -- and that was modest Malcolm Helm." This is a fine work for contest or concert -- not as difficult as "On Ancient Hymns and Festal Dances" and a little more difficult than "Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron".

  • Composer: David R. Holsinger
  • 4.5
  • 17
  • 9:08
  • helmtoccata.mp3


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