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McIntyre, Joseph Jay

  • Echoes of a Forgotten Dream
    $75.00 Choose Options Echoes of a Forgotten Dream
    This piece is a musical adaptation of a modern tale . . . One night a prince and a princess from two far away lands miraculously find themselves trapped in each other’s dream. They both are aware they are dreaming and find...
    Echoes of a Forgotten Dream
  • Firth of Forth, The
    $50.00 Choose Options Firth of Forth, The
    The Firth of Forth is the estuary (or "firth") of Scotland's river "Forth," where it flows into the North Sea. The area is probably best known for the massive bridge spanning the Forth. Built in 1890, the all steel bridge...
    Firth of Forth, The
  • Ghosts of Antietam
    $75.00 Choose Options Ghosts of Antietam
    Wandering about the grounds of Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland, one can’t help but get a strong sense of the devastating carnage, which took place there in September of 1862. The Bloody Lane, the...
    Ghosts of Antietam
  • Maillot Jaune
    $85.00 Choose Options Maillot Jaune
    Every July in France, the world's best cyclists compete in the famed Tour de France bicycle race, covering over two thousand miles in 21 separate stages. The "Maillot Jaune" is the coveted yellowcolored jersey worn by the...
    Maillot Jaune

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