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Williams, David

David Williams was born in Enon Valley, Pennsylvania in 1953. He attended West Virginia University where he earned degrees in music education, music history, and music composition. He studied composition with Thomas Canning and John Beall, orchestration with William Winstead, musicology with Barton Hudson and Christopher Wilkinson, and conducting with Don Wilcox.

Williams has composed over 100 works including over20 pieces for wind band or wind ensemble as well asmusic for chamber ensembles, orchestra, keyboard,and liturgical functions. His works for wind bandinclude a symphony, a timpani concerto, aDivertimento and a number of evocative pieces such as Newton's Planetarium, And theMarches after Twilight, and the critically acclaimed Dark Dreams of a Circus Bandstand.He composed Four Grotesques for Timpani, one of the most widely performed works fortimpani in the last thirty years.

He lives in Dunbar, West Virginia with his wife Joyce. He is a music specialist forKanawha County Schools and conducts the West Virginia Youth Symphony WindEnsemble. Since 1990, he has been the classical music critic for the CharlestonGazette. In 2004, he was one of the first group of Fellows in the National Endowmentfor the Arts Journalism Institute in Classical Music and Opera at Columbia University.

  • Fearless
    $80.00 Choose Options Fearless
    Fearless is a ship’s name. The British Navy has had seven ships with that name over the last couple of centuries. The piece took shape when I was inspired by David Weber’s science fiction novels about Honor...
  • Four Appalachian Moods
    $75.00 Choose Options Four Appalachian Moods
    Four Appalachian Moods was composed in 2002 for my friend Bob Turizziani and his Seneca Chamber Orchestra of Charleston, West Virginia. The first movement, Amiable, has an easygoing tune in symmetrical five-bar phrases...
    Four Appalachian Moods
  • Lyric Variations on
    $80.00 Choose Options Lyric Variations on "Slane"
    Lyric Variations on “Slane” began as a piano piece composed for my wife Joyce in 1995. In the high summer of 2003, I was casting about for a slow movement for a three-movement piece for concert band that I was...
    Lyric Variations on "Slane"

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