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Scott, David

David Scott has been composing and playing the violin since before he can remember. As a four-year-old he began violin studies in the Suzuki method, a tradition which his own children have continued. He attended Indiana University and Northwestern University, where in addition to his studies on violin, he composed “classical” music, a musical, and countless pop songs with his friends. Now a professional violinist in the Denver area, his compositions have been played by the Colorado Symphony, the Colorado Chamber Players, and in nearly one hundred schools around the area by the Up Close and Musical ensemble.

  • El Pollo Ricardo
    $60.00 Choose Options El Pollo Ricardo
    El Pollo Ricardo was written in 1911 by Luis Alberto Fernández, a young man from Uruguay who was a policeman by day and a tango musician at night. The title refers to a tango dancer friend of his named Ricardo...
    El Pollo Ricardo
  • Flight of the Eagles March
    $55.00 Choose Options Flight of the Eagles March
    The title of this march, Flying Eagle, refers to both an actual eagle soaring over the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and the brave men and women of the US Air Force Academy. The music begins with military precision,...
    Flight of the Eagles March
  • Mi Dolor
    $60.00 Choose Options Mi Dolor
    Mi Dolor (“Sorrow”) is one of the most famous songs to come from Argentina. Almost every tango orquestra had their own version – like bands doing covers of Beatles songs today. The lyrics tell of the...
    Mi Dolor
  • Night Landscape
    $50.00 Choose Options Night Landscape
    Night Landscape was inspired by the sights and sounds of late evening walks in the countryside. The dark stillness brings on solemn thoughts, infused with the beauty of the starlit trees and hills. The gloom recedes as a...
    Night Landscape
  • Por Una Cabeza
    $65.00 Choose Options Por Una Cabeza
    ABOUT THE MUSIC: For most listeners, Por Una Cabeza is THE iconic tango. It has been used in at least eight movies, including Scent of a Woman, Schindler’s List, and Titanic. It was written in 1935 by Carlos Gardel...
    Por Una Cabeza

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