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Chernov, Gennadi

Gennadi V. Chernov was born in 1937 in Tashkent. In 1968, he graduated from the Gnessins' State Musical and Pedagogical Institute (now the Russian Musical Academy) where he studied composition in the class of O.K. Eiges. Since 1968, Mr. Chernov has taught at his Alma Mater, and was nominated a full professor in 1991. The list of his compositions comprises: "Oriental Poem and Dance" - listed below, Epic Oratorio "1941-1945", "Symphony-Capriccio on Arabic Themes", "Romantic Poem Waltz", "Concerto for Cello and Orchestra", "Concerto for Violin and Orchestra", works for brass band and Russian folk instruments orchestra, including the Russian Suite, "Symphony No. 1, Great Russia" - listed below, "Concerto for Accordionists Orchestra and Percussion", "String Quartet and Trio", "Sonata for Piano", "Sonata for Clarinet and Piano", and pieces for brass instruments, romances and choirs. Chernov is Professor of Composition and Orchestration of the Russian Academy of Music.

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