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The Journals of Lewis & Clark chronicle one of the greatest feats of exploration in documented history. This exploration paved the way for the successful advancement of civilization throughout the United States.

Wilderness is the composer’s musical representation of the highlighted experiences of this magnificent two-year journey.

“Skirmish,” the opening section, is an intense musical description of the many hardships and conflicts presented by man and nature that the Lewis & Clark expedition faced. “Discovery,” the middle section, musically portrays the calm and peaceful serenity that Lewis & Clark felt when writing about the scenic, untouched beauty of the wilderness through which they were traveling. “America’s Majesty,” the final section, is the triumphal sighting of the Pacific Ocean and the exhilaration that comes from knowing that the ‘Corps of Discovery’ had succeeded in their mission — to explore and map out this very important part of our young country.

  • Composer: Tim Shackelton
  • 4
  • NR
  • 5:20

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