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Sak, Tomas

Tomás Sak was born in October, 1928 and lives and works in Plzen, in the Czech Republic. In 1949, he completed his studies as a violinist at the Plzen City Music School "Bedrich Smetana." During this time, he also studied composition and conducting. He has played in the Plzen Philharmonia. Playing trumpet, he has performed for the radio and opera orchestras and has directed several choirs. He studied history at his university and was also a secondary school teacher. Since the early 1970's, Mr. Sak has devoted himself fully to composing for brass orchestras. He has about 150 recordings being played on Czech radio, and some of his works have been printed abroad. As a conductor of his own compositions, he works with a number of Czech orchestras as well as with the Royal Buckley Town Band from Wales, and with the Band of the United States Air Force in Europe. For many years, Mr. Sak has participated in the organization of Plzen's musical life.

  • Air Force March
    $50.00 Choose Options Air Force March
    In May of 1990, the Band of the United States Air Forces in Europe was invited to perform in the town square of Plzen, Czechoslovakia (later The Czech Republic) to help celebrate the May 6th anniversary of the liberation of...
    Air Force March
  • Metro Galop (March)
    $50.00 Choose Options Metro Galop (March)
    Metro was written to celebrate the opening of the new underground transport system in Prague and certainly gives the impression of the hustle and bustle of a modern metro system. Composer: Tomas Sak Grade Level: 3 TRN...
    Metro Galop (March)

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