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Band CD 62

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TRN Band CD 62

* FREE CDs are usually available at up coming conventions: Midwest Clinic in Chicago and TBA / Southwest Music Summer Exhibition. Also please note there should be a DOWNLOAD for Band CD 62 available here on the website (if not, please ask us about it and we will upload the mp3 files so you can download them)


  1. Amor de mi alma by Stroope / Frederick Umar (Grade 4, Duration 5:23)
  2. Fearless by David Williams (Grade 4.5, Duration: 4:24)
  3. Rumor Mill by Dianne Whitacre (Grade 3.5, Duration 4:02)
  4. Elegy on an Evening Hymn by David R. Holsinger (Grade 4.5, Duration 12:30)
  5. Civic Fanfare by Elgar / Naoya Wada (Grade 4, Duration 1:23)
  6. Call to Celebration by David R. Holsinger (Grade 4.5, Duration 2:02)
  7. Near the Tracks by Craig Fitzpatrick (Grade 3, Duration 5:38)
  8. Fantasy on a Pyrenean Hymn (Grade 4.5, Duration 5:55)
  9. La Folia by Clifton Jones (Grade 3, Duration 4:40)
  10. Four Short Festive Dances by Dennis O. Eveland (Grade 2, Duration 2:58)
  11. On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss (Saxophone Quartet) by Holsinger / Anderson (Grade 3, Duration 4:00)
  12. Lights Out by McCoy / Naoya Wada (Grade 4, Duration 2:36)


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