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  • American Landmarks
    $45.00 Choose Options American Landmarks
    This delightful three-movement work for first year students lies totally within a five-note range and is based on three enduring national legacies. Mount Rushmore - bold and majestic Central Park, New York - calm and...
    American Landmarks
  • Apollo Suite
    $55.00 Choose Options Apollo Suite
    Apollo Suite is a three-movement work written for advancing young bands. It paints a vivid picture of the many challenges, hazards and triumphs of space exploration, and is respectfully dedicated to all the astronauts of the...
    Apollo Suite
  • Heroes of the Sea
    $75.00 Choose Options Heroes of the Sea
    Heroes of the Sea is dedicated to the men and women of our Navy and Coast Guard. In this composition, you will hear both the Navy and Coast Guard Hymns. Exciting musical lines, dynamic percussion, and a lot of color are part...
    Heroes of the Sea
  • Holiday Suite
    $45.00 Choose Options Holiday Suite
    In three movements: Christmas Joy Prayer for Thanksgiving America's Birthday For our three big holiday seasons. Uses original melodies that sound like tunes for those seasons. Composer: Ralph and Jack Hale Grade Level: 2...
    Holiday Suite
  • March to Shiloh
    $50.00 Choose Options March to Shiloh
    Your Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or other patriotic occasion will be enriched by this expressive march, which is in turn exhilarating, poignant, and moving. The initial section is an uplifting salute to the men and women who...
    March to Shiloh
  • Procession of the Americas
    $45.00 Procession of the Americas
    “Procession of the Americas” is an exciting work for young bands. Written in a majestic style, this work is perfect for patriotic events, and spring concerts. “Procession of the Americas” is dedicated...
    Procession of the Americas
  • Reagan of Illinois (with Narration)
    $95.00 Choose Options Reagan of Illinois (with Narration)
    Although born in nearby Tampico, Illinois, Ronald Reagan moved with his family to Dixon, Illinois when he was nine years old. In many of his speeches and writings, he always referred to his growing up in Dixon and the many...
    Reagan of Illinois (with Narration)
  • Salute America
    $40.00 Choose Options Salute America
    Composer: Don Schaeffer Grade Level: 1.5 TRN CD Number: 16 Time: 1:22...
    Salute America
  • Threnody for Challenger
    $80.00 Choose Options Threnody for Challenger
    Commissioned by the Kempsville (VA) Junior High School Band, Dwight Leonard, Conductor, for a Midwest Clinic performance, "Threnody for Challenger" is not only a remembrance of a great national loss, but also a salute to the...
    Threnody for Challenger
  • Triumphal March, Op. 40
    $110.00 Choose Options Triumphal March, Op. 40
    Composer: Glazounow transcribed by Frederick Umar Grade Level: 5 TRN CD Number: 66 Time: 8:36 View Score...
    Triumphal March, Op. 40
  • West Point Songs
    $40.00 Choose Options West Point Songs
    Composer: Leroy Osmon Grade Level: 2 TRN CD Number: 4 Time:...
    West Point Songs
  • West Point's 162nd
    $55.00 Choose Options West Point's 162nd
    West Point’s 162nd was commissioned by the composer’s dear friend and colleague, television actor and radio personality Jerry Fogel. Mr. Fogel wanted a piece of music to be played for the reunion review in...
    West Point's 162nd

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