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  • Abide With Me
    $50.00 Choose Options Abide With Me
    In this arrangement, the composer has tried to keep the original melody and restructure the chords for a fresh new sound. Also, he has tried to use different combinations of voices for a variety of color and timbre changes...
    Abide With Me
  • Amazing Grace
    $55.00 Choose Options Amazing Grace
    The words for the song Amazing Grace, set to a melody by Thomas A. Arne, were written by John Newton and first published in England in 1779 in a volumn entitled Olney Hymns. When the song was brought to the United States,...
    Amazing Grace
  • Anthem for a Centennial
    $50.00 Choose Options Anthem for a Centennial
    Anthem for a Centennial was written for and dedicated to the Independent School District at Everman, Texas in honor of its 100th anniversary celebration. Based on the well-known Finnish national hymn "Finlandia," this piece...
    Anthem for a Centennial
  • Arise, Fly Away
    $70.00 Choose Options Arise, Fly Away
    Inspiration for this piece came one morning following worship services. Mr. David Groves, the church organist, plays a postlude each Sunday and this particular morning he lit into a fiery arrangement of "I Will Arise." I was...
    Arise, Fly Away
  • Bound for the Promised Land
    $50.00 Choose Options Bound for the Promised Land
    Composer: Paul Holmes Grade Level: 3 TRN CD Number: 5 Time: 5:9 Original Hymn: "Bound for the Promised Land"...
    Bound for the Promised Land
  • Canberra Settings
    $50.00 Choose Options Canberra Settings
    Canberra Settings is a work for band based upon some common folk songs of Australia. The selection begins with a tumultuous opening which leads into several flowing melodies depicting events and life of another year. The...
    Canberra Settings
  • Celebration for a New Era
    $80.00 Choose Options Celebration for a New Era
    Originally written for the bicentennial celebration of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, this composition was premiered at Carnegie Hall by theUnited States Military Academy Band, incorporating The United...
    Celebration for a New Era
  • Celebration Hymn
    $60.00 Choose Options Celebration Hymn
    There are three strong elements to this piece. The first is the quote of the first six notes of the third phrase of "Bluebells of Scotland," a favorite of Mr, Sam Watson. The second is the sound of bells in the percussion...
    Celebration Hymn
  • Chorale and March
    $45.00 Choose Options Chorale and March
    For Young Bands. It starts with a beautiful tutti chorale, followed by a stately martial-style final section. Gives your band nice, full, dark sonority. Composer: Hugh M. Stuart Grade Level: 2 TRN CD Number: 16 Time:...
    Chorale and March
  • Chorale Prelude on Sleepers Awake
    $80.00 Choose Options Chorale Prelude on Sleepers Awake
    Chorale Prelude on "Sleepers Awake" is an energetic work in five continuous sections set in a traditional 18th century chorale prelude form. The original melody upon which this work is based, frequently recognized as "Wachut...
    Chorale Prelude on Sleepers Awake
  • Chorale Prelude: Abide with Me
    $60.00 Choose Options Chorale Prelude: Abide with Me
    Commissioned by the Louisiana College / Central Louisiana Symphonic Band, Dr. A. D. "Buddy" Himes, Director and is dedicated to Dixie Sylvest Moss. Composers have always used the chorale preludes of Johann Sebastian Bach...
    Chorale Prelude: Abide with Me
  • Consider the Uncommon Man
    $70.00 Choose Options Consider the Uncommon Man
    Though we may come into contact with hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals in our lifetime, there is always that "handful" of special people whose lives and work effect us more deeply than others. Their impact in our...
    Consider the Uncommon Man

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