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Band mp3 Music Library Download

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Update: As of 8/18/2015 New mp3 files/recordings have been added.

Purchase Download: To purchase, contact us via email. Download now available via Dropbox.

WARNING!: By purchasing these mp3s, you are bound by copyright laws found on our website and agree to NOT copy or share these files with anyone. TRN is a small music publishing business and depends upon the continued honesty and integrity of our loyal customers as this effects everyone in the industry. Please continue to respect and honor these policies. We appreciate your support!

Total Download Time: Depending on your download speed, approximately 2-5 hours

File Size: Approx. 5 GB

Description: Imagine being able to sort all of our music recordings by Composer, Grade Level of difficulty, or even the Year of Publication on your own mp3 player or computer. For instance, you could listen to all the music for a particular Composer or sort all the music by "Grade Level" or difficulty.

Well now you can have all of these Band Music Recordings via download. We have taken the time to organize and categorize all of our music by Title, Composer, Grade, Artist or Performing Group, Album or TRN CD Number etc. for your convenience so that when you download these files you instantly have a nicely sorted library of band music for your mp3 player or computer. You currently would have to click on each link and download each individual mp3 on our website to get the same thing. In other words, we have already done the work for you so you can just download the mp3 library and easily find what you are looking for. Please realize that it may take some time to copy these files into your iTunes music library, depending on your computer hardware/speed. So in case your computer is slow, be prepared to drag and drop the mp3s into your iTunes music library and then get some coffee.

Large File Size: Downloading may take approximately 2-5 hours depending on internet connection speed.

Your Email Address * Be sure to enter the correct contact information in case we need to contact you to get you what you ordered!

Quality of the mp3s: Most of the TRN CDs have been converted to mp3 file format at 192 kbps and the standard CD 44.1kHz sample rate. Realize of course that these recordings are coming from all sorts of places: Middle Schools, High Schools, Universities etc., thus the quality of the original recordings varies of course depending on the equipment they had to record with etc. Obviously it makes a big difference what kind of microphone is used or where the microphone is placed or who the "sound guy" is mixing etc. Some of these recordings were done in the 70's also so you get the old LP sounds (not necessarily always in a good way) etc. Therefore, the quality varies greatly from one song to the next, but we have done our best to give you the best version possible of what we have been given.


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