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Band CD 61 mp3 download


For your convenience, TRN Band CD 61 is now available for download - just ADD TO CART.

This includes the same tracks you find on the Audio CD, only you can download them via one zip file and you don't have to pay for shipping.

* You can also download each title for free on the website (the only difference is you have to download each file one at a time).

  1. Diamond Jubilee by Jeremy Doss (gr.2 - 2:39)
  2. Egypt: The Awakening by Bill Newman (gr. 2.5 - 4:55)
  3. Children of the Sun by Quincy C. Hilliard (gr. 2.5 - 4:30)
  4. To the Stadium! (March) by Rydberg / Mark Fonder (gr. 3 - 3:20)
  5. The Great Escape by Dennis O. Eveland (gr. 3 - 2:12)
  6. West Point's 162nd by R. Andrew Yates (gr. 3.5 - 3:40)
  7. Latin American Dances 2 [1st Mvt. Salsa (3:09), 2nd Mvt. Bossa Nova (2:15), 3rd Mvt. Rumba (3:16)]
  8. Reagan of Illinois (Part 2) - for Band and Chorus by David R. Holsinger (gr.4 - 9:13)
  9. Cityscape 3 (Morning Hours Salvation Light) by David R. Holsinger (gr.4 - 9:46)


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