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Band CD 58

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* If you prefer, you can download the mp3 zip files of CD 58 and 59.

  1. Ukrainian Folk Songs by Halsey Stevens/arranged by William A. Schaefer
    • Family Gathering
    • The Repentant Wife
    • Easter Song
    • Under the Cherry Tree
    • The Sun Has Set
    • Mother's Concern
    • Trouble With Hemp
    • A Merry Widow
    • A Love Song
    • Why Do You Pout, Dear?
    • The Wife Who Beat Her Husband
  2. Oracle by Eric Rath
  3. Saturday Night Barn Dance by Michael Vertoske
  4. Jazzy Capricio by Arthur J. Michaels
  5. Wondrous Love by Leland Forsblad
  6. Legend of the Dragonfly by Dennis O. Eveland
  7. Pride of the Bells by Quincy C. Hilliard
  8. March of the Hobbits by Christopher Gillespie
  9. Lackawanna by Clifford Spires
  10. Praises by David R. Holsinger
    • Zamar
    • Halal
    • Barak
    • Towdah
    • Shabach
    • Tehillah


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