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Visiting Old Arbat (1st movement - Polonaise)


Product Description

Visiting Old Arbat is one of Moscow's oldest streets. Russian aristocracy and rich people of different estates lived there, including the famous poet, Pushkin, whose home is now a museum on Arbat street. In the old times, balls and parties, for communication and entertainment, were held there. While orchestras played, young and old danced and the spirit of high Russian society reined. The suite, "Visiting Old Arbat", is a musical sketch of such a ball. as a rule, those balls were started with a Polonez - a ceremonial and proud dance. Then, there was the turn of the Waltz and after the champagne, the officers and dragoons demonstrated their bravado and daring in "The Razgulay Dance". Listening to the music, you can visualize the spirit of the epoch and imagine the diversity of the characters: the brave general, flirting beauties, courting admirers. all the glory and the brightness of that time will be vividly before your eyes. 3 Seperate Movements.

  • Composer: Bogdan Trotsuk
  • 5.5
  • 23
  • 4:57

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