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Three Scenes from Ago


Product Description

Three Scenes from Ago are musical depictions of some memories of my early school days. Even though times have changed somewhat, I am hopeful that this music will bring forth similar memories in the minds of the audience. Use a "Plumbers Helper" (aka a plunger) that is about the same size as a trumpet bell. Remove the wooden handle and place the closed side of the plunger in the palm of the left hand. Then place the open side of the plunger against the bell of the trumpet. As you play, open and close the bell at the appropriate times keeping the lower edge of the plunger against the bell at all times. If you wish, a larger version of the plunger may be used by the trombones in measures 4 and 5. I have found the plunger difficult to handle by young trombone players and do not therefore recommend itÂ’s use by the trombones.

  • Composer: Hugh M. Stuart
  • 3
  • 32
  • 4:25

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