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They Led My Lord Away - Full Orchestra


Product Description

Adoniram Judson Gordon was born in New Hampshire in 1836. After graduating from Brown University, he became a Baptist minister. He wrote several books of hymns before his death in 1895. This song is an example of the call-response variety of hymn with its recurring refrain “oh tell me where to find Him.”

This setting is suitable for a small or large full orchestra because of the many optional parts. Any or all of the optional parts may be used, but always strive for good balance. Parts are liberally cued, and the conductor may wish to have some of the solos played in their cued versions. Bowing markings are suggested by Dr. Jennifer Dalmas, Professor of Violin at Stephen F. Austin State University. They may be altered at the conductor’s will.

They Led My Lord Away is lyrical and expressive. Though some changes in tempo are marked, conductors should feel free to add rubato in other places. Measure 19 should have a “heartbeat” effect in the lower instruments, building to measure 24. At measure 29, strive for a full, sonorous quality, which subsides in mm. 35-36.

  • Composer: A.J. Gordon arranged by Fred J. Allen
  • 3
  • Midwest 2007
  • 2:50

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