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Seventeen Mile Drive


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This composition is written in a large A-B-A song form. After a brief introduction, a spirited “tune” begins in m. 5 where the first violins play the melody. All bowings and dynamics are carefully marked (as they are throughout) and should be carefully observed. In m. 23 the lower strings are featured in two measure phrases followed by two measure phrases stated by the upper strings. In m. 31 through m. 43 the material from m. 1 through m. 22 is reiterated. This first section is in the key of G, and beginning at m. 61, the “B” section begins in the key of C, slower with expression. A poignant melody is played starting at m. 61 by the entire string section. At m. 73 the melody moves to the second violins and back to the first violins in A minor, at which point it should “sing out” with feeling although the dynamic stays soft. The melody from m. 61 is heard again at m. 83 but a little louder and with still more expression. A modulation takes us back to the key of G where the first section is heard once again. M. 149 is like a coda and should be played in a more spirited and deliberate manner. Optional parts are supplied for Violin III (same as Viola), Percussion and Piano.

  • Composer: Lennie Niehaus
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