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Saturday Night Barn Dance


Product Description

The opening eight measures of this composition should be played in a very sustained and lyrical style. Beginning at rehearsal letter A, be sure to maintain a brisk, spirited tempo throughout the entire composition. The piece is written in the style of a hoedown; keeping the articulations light in all parts will help to maintain a lively tempo throughout. The accented notes occurring on the last sixteenth note of beat one in the accompaniment are very important for establishing the feel of the piece, and it is essential for this rhythmic accompaniment to be precise. The grace notes should be given a fair amount of weight, in order to emulate the slides often heard by fiddle players performing music in this style. Be certain to allow the piccolo, flute and oboe to be heard through the texture of the piece at rehearsal letter D.

  • Composer: Michael Vertoske
  • 3
  • 58
  • 2:50

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