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Night Landscape


Product Description

Night Landscape was inspired by the sights and sounds of late evening walks in the countryside. The dark stillness brings on solemn thoughts, infused with the beauty of the starlit trees and hills. The gloom recedes as a happy memory arises, but the memory soon fades and darkness returns.


This is a good piece to practice vibrato on. Aim for a slow, even vibrato in the soft passages, and let it get a little wider and warmer when the music gets louder. The pizzicatos will especially benefit from a little wiggle to help them ring.

The best pianissimo sound (m. 43) can be produced by using very light bow pressure, but keeping the bow speed relatively fast. A slow bow will produce a pinched sound, rather than the expansive softness that can be gotten by a “floating” bow.

  • Composer: David Scott
  • 2
  • No recording yet on Audio CD
  • 3:45

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