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Martyr, The


Product Description

The Martyr was commissioned by the Northwest Academy Concert Band in Houston, Texas, Mr. Pat Crofton, Director. The first performance took place February 9, 1996. It is a setting of the hymn tune "Salvation" and is often sung with the text "When Stephen, Full of Power and Grace," the biblical account of the first Christian martyr (Act 7:54-60). Helpful hints - - -

This arrangement can be effectively performed by small bands or those with limited instrumentation.

  1. The piano part is optional, but can be helpful in augmenting the sound of smaller groups.
  2. Bass lines are cross-cued so that any of the following instruments can provide a complete bass part: bassoon, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, and tuba.
  3. There are two tenor brass lines (1st trombone and 1st euphonium are identical, and 2nd trombone and 2nd euphonium are identical). The director may use any combination of trombone and euphonium players to balance these two lines.
  4. The 2nd flute / oboe part may be played by oboe(s), flute(s), or both instruments.
  • Composer: Fred J. Allen
  • 2
  • 26
  • 3:28
  • Salvation - hymn tune text: "When Stephen, Full of Power and Grace."

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