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Love Scene


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by G. Pucinni / arranged by Merlin Patterson. The theme from La Boheme's Love Scene, first introduced in Act I by the two lovers, Mimi and Rudolpho, is used many times in the course of the opera, and always in association with Mimi. As I perused through the operatic full score, I was soon struck by Puccini's richly pungent and very harmonic vocabulary, not just the usually triadic extensions and secondary dominants, but wildly exotic chords, far removed tonal centers, and sudden chromatic shifts used with an amazingly deft touch. It became apparent to me that it was this rich harmonic language that gave the work its enormous emotional impact, even more so than the beauty of the melodies themselves. I decided to fashion a tone poem for band around my four favorite settings of the theme, connected by related material, and closing with the death of Mimi. Color was my primary concern. My intent was to let the music itself convey the power and passion of the love shared by Rudolpho and Mimi.

  • Composer: Merlin Patterson
  • 5
  • 27
  • 6:16

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