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In The Beautiful Twilight


Product Description

The composer treats us to yet another slow work that is accessible for young bands. In The Beautiful Twilight is thoughtfully scored and lies well within the capabilities of the developing musician. As always, much consideration is given to range and rhythmic demands to insure a successful performance for progressing groups and ensembles of modest resource. It is an ideal selection for any concert or contest program. Performance Suggestions: Students should constantly be encouraged to take in lots of air, to produce the best tone quality possible. The clarinet section carries the melody at measure 5 and should play with a great air flow and a firm embouchure. Phrasing should be carefully considered in the “long tone” accompaniment parts. The key change at 37, although marked forte, should be played with the same gentleness as in the opening statements. The ending section at 53 works much like the beginning, ending very delicately.

  • Composer: William Owens
  • 1
  • 42
  • 2:52

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