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Impressionist Prints


Product Description

Impressionist Prints is a major work for band inspired by six Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters. The work consists of six contrasting sections depicting the work of the six painters. These sections can be played with virtually no break. Furthermore, the work is cast into two so-called “galleries.” Each “gallery” can stand on its own, and the work can be played with a pause between the two galleries. Impressionist Prints is dedicated to Major Larry H. Lang and the USAF Heritage of America Band. The group premiered and recorded the composition in October 2000, and the recording was scheduled for CD release in 2002. Impressionist Prints was awarded First Place in the 2001 National Federation of Music Clubs American Music in the United States Armed Forces Composition Competition...

  • Composer: Aldo Rafael Forte
  • 6
  • 44
  • 20:0

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