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mp3 Help



  1. "Broken" Link: The link may be broken. If so, you will probably see a 404 error page. Please Contact Us.

  2. TRN mp3 Library You can now just download the entire TRN mp3 Library for either BAND or ORCHESTRA or both.

  3. School Network Settings: Could be your school district network settings? Maybe ask your computer network admin. to give you access to this domain or just download mp3s at home and burn to cd for school.

  4. Restart your computer: PC / Windows users - sometimes it helps to just restart your computer, and then you will magically hear the sound again!

  5. Try Firefox: Download Firefox or Google Chrome

  6. Right-click and Save: You can right-click on the listen link to save the mp3 to your desktop and eliminate file streaming delay when listening.

  7. Media Player Settings: Check your mp3 player settings to see if you can adjust it to play the mp3 automatically instead of downloading the entire mp3 file first. Usually Quicktime defaults to streaming your mp3 audio file, so you don't have to wait for the whole file to download.

  8. mp3s are BIG: mp3 files may take several minutes (depending) to download before playing. Sorry, we don't provide smaller files at this time for streaming audio. Depending on your media player settings / and web browser settings, larger files require more time (a few minutes) to download ... read below How to Download and Save a file to your computer for faster, more reliable playback.

  9. Try another mp3 player: If you don't have another mp3 player, download and install a different mp3 player like Quicktime or iTunes (iTunes works great on windows and mac) all for FREE! - I recommend iTunes for organizing your music library.

How to Download and Save a file:

  1. Windows Users: Right-Click the link and select Save Link As, Save Target As or Save File As.
  2. Mac OS Users: click the link while holding the control button (or use right click on mac), then Save As
  3. Once you download a file to your computer, you can open it with whatever program you choose by right-clicking on the file and selecting the option OPEN WITH, and then choosing a program like:

    1. Quicktime Player
    2. iTunes (iTunes works great on windows and mac) - recommended

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