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New Music for Band

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Grade 0.5

Alcazar, The by Clifford Spires, Grade 0.5

Candy Shop, The by Dennis Eveland, Grade 0.5


Grade 1

Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella arranged by Eric Adamson, Grade 1

Quest, The by Arthur Michaels, Grade 1

Silent Night, Holy Night by Scott Watson, Grade 1

Procession of the Americas by Dennis Eveland, Grade 1

Center Stage (March) by Quincy Hilliard, Grade 1.5

Morning Star by Scott Watson, Grade 1.5


Grade 2

Banks of the Delaware by Stuart P. O'Neil, Grade 2

Blackburn Brigade by Michael Vertoske, Grade 2

Four Short Festive Dances by Dennis Eveland, Grade 2

Adelphia by Keith Christopher, Grade 2.5


Grade 3

Primo by Quincy Hilliard, Grade 3

Tone Poem on "Taps" by Douglas Hedwig, Grade 3

Crusader March, The by David Butler, Grade 3

Spirit of Flight by Eric Rath, Grade 3

Baroque Variations for Flute and Band by Fred J. Allen, Grade 3

Battle of the Champions, The by Adam Haskett, Grade 3

Near the Tracks by Craig Fitzpatrick, Grade 3

Variations on 'La Folia' by Clifton Jones, Grade 3

To the Stadium March by Sam Rydberg / arranged by Mark Fonder, Grade 3

Brazos Apparitions by Fred J. Allen, Grade 3.5

La Comparsa by Ernesto Lecuona arranged by Ben M. Walker, Grade 3.5

Reese's Summer Day by David R. Holsinger, Grade 3.5

Santa Fe by Ron Thielman, Grade 3.5

Adventures of Kid Cam, The Rocketman! by David R. Holsinger The, Grade 3.5


Grade 4

Griffin's Grand Entry by Steve Cross, Grade 4

Hill Country Mosaic by Eric Rath, Grade 4

Oshogatsu by Dennis Eveland, Grade 4

Action Brass by Brian Sadler, Grade 4

Lyric Variations on “Slane” by David Williams, Grade 4

Flourish on an Easter Hymntune by Scott Watson, Grade 4

Reagan of Illinois 2 by David R. Holsinger, Grade 4

Amor de mi alma by Z. Randall Stroope / arranged by Frederick Umar, Grade 4

Rumor Mill by Diane Whitacre, Grade 4

Elegy on an Evening Hymn by David R. Holsinger, Grade 4.5

Fearless by David Williams, Grade 4.5

Fantasy on a Pyrenean Hymn by David R. Holsinger, Grade 4.5

Call to Celebration, A by David R. Holsinger, Grade 4.5

Southern Hymn, A by Bill Locklear, Grade 4.5


Grade 5

Fantasia on Bogoroditse Devo by Frederick Speck, Grade 5

Salmo Della Rinascita by Anthony LaBounty, Grade 5

Symphonic Synthesis by David DeBoor Canfield, Grade 5

Symphonic Statements by Dwight Beckham, Sr., Grade 5


Grade 6

Kansas City Dances (Tuba Solo) by David R. Holsinger, Grade 6



Method Book / Canons / Sight-Reading

101 Progressive Canons - A Method Book by BJ Brooks / foreword by Gary Garner

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