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Full Orchestra

  • Waltz for Jennie, A
    $60.00 Choose Options Waltz for Jennie, A
    This piece is dedicated to my wife, Jennifer. The introductory eight measures should be conducted with a sense of rubato and a delicate touch. Throughout the piece, care should be taken that the melodic line flows...
    Waltz for Jennie, A
  • Were You There (Full Orchestra)
    $60.00 Choose Options Were You There (Full Orchestra)
    Were You There? is an adaptation of the Afro-American spiritual of the same name attributed to John and Frederick Work. This is an amazingly powerful orchestration for chamber orchestra and features solo flute throughout the...
    Were You There (Full Orchestra)
  • Wilderness
    $65.00 Choose Options Wilderness
    The Journals of Lewis & Clark chronicle one of the greatest feats of exploration in documented history. This exploration paved the way for the successful advancement of civilization throughout the United States...
  • Wrightwood Suite
    $60.00 Choose Options Wrightwood Suite
    Composer: Lennie Niehaus Grade Level: 4 Features: Comments: Full Orchestra TRN CD Number: NR Time: :...
    Wrightwood Suite

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